10 Feb 2010 @ 10:24AM

Updated: 10 Feb 2010 @ 03:26PM
This page holds the Maya objects and scenes I've created to put online.

Rifle Still Life
A scene I made for a Maya class containing a rifle, magazine and bullets.
RifleThe rifle model by itself
MagazineThe magazine model by itself
BulletThe bullet model by itself
Room Day and Night
I created these scenes for a class as well. This models a living room.
AshtrayThis is an ashtray with a cigarette.
Beer BottleA bottle of Kostritzer Schwarzbier
FurnitureA collection of furniture, including a main table, side table, couch, love seat, floor lamp, tv table, television, stereo and speakers.
Main TableThe main table by itself. This same object exists in the furniture scene
PaintingA painting. Really, it's just the painting model without the actual painting textured on yet.
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