13 May 2009 @ 09:49AM

Updated: 14 May 2010 @ 08:17AM
The last tutorial saw our introduction to using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express to store our persistent data for our website. In the example we created a single database holding a single table. In a real web application, you'll probably be using more than just one table in a database. You'll also want to take advantage of some of the more advanced features within SQL Server itself.

Microsft SQL Server 2005 Express is a free and stripped down version of the full Microsoft SQL Server. However, even the express edition has plenty of options and provides a pretty robust database solution.

This tutorial focuses on using Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express to manage a Microsft SQL Server 2005 Express server, as well as some of the basics of SQL. This is meant more as a general introduction to the subject and is not an in-depth how-to on advanced SQL subjects. Additionally, as with C#, I've never taken a single database class. Everything I know about SQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express I've taught myself or read about online.

With that in mind, let's dive right into managing a SQL Server.
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