12 Jun 2009 @ 10:51AM

Updated: 27 Jan 2010 @ 10:55AM
Over the past 15 pages we went through the process of designing and building a C#-based blogging application. It's fully functional, though perhaps a bit sparse on features. However, the idea wasn't to have you build a blogging app. Instead, the idea was to give you a peek into the process of building a fairly complicated web app from the ground up.

In following tutorials we'll be using this web application as a base. You can grab the files here:

     C# Blogging Application

If portions of the tutorial confused or lost you, either try googling the subject or asking in the Clankiller forums. I'll be more than happy to assist as much as I can. For those of you that made it this far, thanks for your attention. If you have any feedback or constructive criticism, please let me know. I take all constructive feedback seriously.
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