29 Nov 2004 @ 02:52PM

Updated: 29 Jan 2010 @ 11:12AM
Welcome to my Windows XP tweak guide. This guide has been in production for awhile (ok, on back burner), but I've finally gotten around to throwing all my tweaks together.

This guide will cover every tweak I have used on my Windows XP box. It will cover mundane things like changing the menu speeds to in-depth registry hacks. If you have read my Windows 2000 tweak guide, you may notice some similarities...where Win2k was NT5, WinXP is NT6 (or NT5.1, depending on who you ask). However, before we get into the tweaks, allow me to launch into the obligatory CMA.

This tweak guide covers numerous system and registry hacks. If done incorrectly, YOUR O/S COULD DIE! The registry is extremely important...if you make a misstep, it is quite likely that windows will not boot again...not until you reinstall from scratch. If you decide to do the following tweaks, please make sure you feel comfortable messing around in the registry. Make a backup copy! And, most importantly, if your computer dies, it is NOT MY FAULT. I'm simply offering information...if you decide to implement a tweak and it happens to kill your is YOUR fault. Do not try to blame me.

OK, with that out of the way, let us begin with the tweaks. To try and simplify the process some, I've grouped the tweaks into a couple categories.
  1. GUI (graphical user interface) tweaks
  2. FS (file system) tweaks
  3. Memory tweaks
  4. Windows Services
  5. Network tweaks
  6. Misc Tweaks

If you wish to jump to a specific section, click above. Otherwise, keep reading.
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