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3 Feb 2010 @ 11:38AM

Updated: 5 Feb 2010 @ 08:44AM
Welcome to the Baldur's Gate FAQ. This FAQ covers alot of the more common questions relating to Baldur's Gate, primarily Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and the Throne of Bhaal expansion. The Baldur's Gate series is one of the most in-depth and involved games ever, including not dozens but literally hundreds of hours of potential game play. Due to the complex nature of the game, this FAQ has been compiled to help explain some of the less-understood aspects of the game, as well as to help overcome sometimes frustrating obstacles. For ease of use, the FAQ has been broken into three parts. Click on the folders for a list of questions, or on the FAQ name for the full FAQ.
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Part 2: Shadows of Amn FAQ
This covers questions relating directly to Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
  1. How do you go to places outside of Athkatla in the beginning of the game that are "grey" on the world map?
  2. What is/are the Twisted Rune?
  3. Which NPC's can I have a romance with?
  4. How do I "initiate" a romance?
  5. What is a stronghold?
  6. What is my class's stronghold?
  7. Can i still go back to other places on the world map after I enter the elven city Suldanesselar?
  8. Which NPC's can't get along with each other?
  9. Where is the Rakshasha that you need to kill for the Dao Djinnies in Trademeet?
  10. Who is Gaxx? How do i find him?
  11. How do i kill Gaxx
  12. What is the human flesh armor and how do i make it?
  13. Why won't an NPC have a romance with me?
  14. How do you get rid of the improved species of Greater Wolfweres?
  15. I noticed that the Protection from Evil the Staff of the Magi is supposed to confer doesn't work. Is this a bug?
  16. Where can I find the Robe of Vecna, Shield of Balduran....? (the bonus items)
  17. How can I upgrade the Horn of Valhalla and the Mace of Disruption?
  18. How do i get two rings of Gaxx without (really) cheating?
  19. Can i have more than one stronghold with a multi- or dual-class character?
  20. Where are all the parts of Crom Faeyr?
  21. I can't get into the drow city anymore, so how do I get the eggs for the silver dragon to get back to the surface?
  22. What do I do with the dragon scales I got from killing a dragon?
  23. How do I enter the mind flayer part of the sewers under the temple district?
  24. What am I supposed to do with Yoshimo's heart?
  25. What do I do after Bodhi kidnapped my love interest?
  26. Where are all the parts of the Equalizer?
  27. Where are all the parts of Gesen bow?
  28. Where are the parts of the Wave?
  29. Where is the exit in the planar sphere in order to get a demon heart?
  30. What are the effects of the Bhaal Tears at the end of SoA?
  31. What happens to my stronghold if I'm in the Underdark and unable to tend to it?

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