Satisian Art
29 Nov 2004 @ 08:27AM

Updated: 6 Apr 2010 @ 12:02PM
Below are the pictures and such that I've made/rendered/whatever and decided to put online. These aren't the best...nor are they the worst. They just happened to be ones I decided to throw online. If you like them...great. They're still mine. See the small-print disclaimer below if you get any strange notions to take this stuff and make it your own.

As usual, these are thumbnails. Click for a full-screen copy.
Hey, look, a book. This used to be a background on a web page. It was rendered using Bryce 3.Paint Shop Pro 6, I believe. Don't ask. I just thought it looked kinda coolI'm proud of this one. It's a combination of poser, bryce, and paint shop pro 6, including Kai's Power Tools for the lens flare effect. I thought it turned out quite good, personally.heh. Dunno if this counts as a drawing or an ultra-short story. Whatever, I like it.
This was created while I was in Korea, serving my country. Don't ask...I was drunk alot. The result of boredom, a 486 and MS-Paint. I thought it was kinda cool, in its own sorta way.This is a recent creation, composed entirely in Bryce. I kinda like the way it turned out.Composed entirely in Bryce. I have a comparison of different renders, and an explanation if you click on in.
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All these pieces of artwork are the sole property of the creator, known as Satis. It is ethically and legally wrong to copy, steal, take pictures of, masturbate on, or eat any of these things without the express, written consent of the creator (Satis). The creator (Satis) reserves all rights to these images/creations. If you are found stealing any of these in any way, or claiming that they were yours, the creator (Satis) will hunt you down and stab you to death with a pickle fork, and then prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Remember...your children could be sold into slavery for any unlawful use of this intellectual property. Thank you for your time.