Cisco 3 Threaded Case Study
29 Nov 2004 @ 03:04PM

Updated: 18 Jan 2010 @ 11:09AM
This project represents 40+ hours of work and frustration on my part. The Threaded Case Study, as mentioned on the previous page, is a chance for a Cisco 3 student to completely network an entire school. This includes picking all the equipment, picking the topology, running cable, setting up the addressing scheme, configuring access lists, etc etc. Basically, everything that would be required in a real-world environment, without some of the real-world limitations (like budget). The requirements are specific, but not too demanding. Alot of leeway is left to allow students to get creative.

Please note that my teacher waived several of the TCS stated requirements. For instance, we weren't required to set up Novell IPX/SPX (thankfully), nor were we required to run 4 cat5 cables to each room. Redundancy was a requirement, but in my case I substitued the cat5 with 1000baseSX fiber.

At any rate, to see the project, click below:

Threaded Case Study

I have zipped up everything so you can download the source and look at it. This includes the Flash source code. You will need FlashMX in order to read it, though. The Flash code itself started off fairly elegant (look at frame 1), but then my deadline got moved forward a week and I had to hack everything out rapidly. This resulted in a brute force approach which left the code rather dirty. However, if you're interested in seeing how I accomplished everything, feel free to take a peek. I've also included my (limited) notes, to assist in figuring out instance names and such. Please note I didn't originally intend to share this with the world, so there is very little documentation. And honestly, I got so burned out I doubt I'll ever actually go back and document it properly.

Also please note that I ran out of time. The Price list and cut sheet are both external HTML files, rather than integrated into Flash. I originally planned to build these two as html and then dynamically import them into Flash, but I was unfamiliar with the code and didn't feel I had enough time to implement that feature and fully bug-test it. Thus, the files are fully external.

Though I'm providing the source files for free, please don't use this as a basis for your own project(s). This is my intellectual property. I don't mind you getting ideas from it (the whole purpose of posting the source), but I do not want you using my work.

Threaded Case Study Source
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