Cleric/Druid Spell Lists
29 Jan 2002 @ 03:38PM

Updated: 9 Feb 2010 @ 10:46AM
There appears to have been a void in the BG universe. Specifically, the void entailed the different spells available to clerics and druids. Apparently through some mischevious oversight, never has it been detailed precisely which spells are available only to druids, which are available only to clerics, and which are available to both. Well, Rinox has come through with this listing to fill that void. Feast your eyes on the complete, unadulterated spell list for clerics and druids. Note that these don't include the advanced spells available in ToB as you advance into the ultra-high level spells.
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Level 1 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
armour of faith
cure light wounds
detect evil
Known only to cleric:
command word: die
magical stone
protection from evil
remove fear
Known only to druid:
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Level 2 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
charm person or mammal
find traps
flame blade
resist fire and cold
slow poison
Known only to cleric:
draw upon holy might
know alignment
spiritual hammmer
hold person
silence 15' radius
Known only to druid:
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Level 3 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
cure disease
cure medium wounds
dispel magic
invisibilty purge
miscast magic
protection from fire
rigid thinking
strength of one
Known to cleric only:
animate dead
glyph of warding
holy smite
remove curse
remove paralysis
unholy blight
zone of sweet air
Known to druid only:
call lightning
summon insects
hold animal
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Level 4 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
animal summoning I
cause serious wounds
cure serious wounds
death ward
defensive harmony
neutralize poison
protection from lightning
cloak of fear
negative plane protection
Known only to cleric:
lesser restoration
protection from evil 10' radius
holy power
free action
mental domination
Known only to druid:
call woodland beings
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Level 5 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
animal summoning II
cause critical wounds
cure critical wounds
true seeing
resist magic
mass cure
chaotic commands
Known to cleric only:
champions strength
flame strike
greater command
raise dead
repulse undead
righteous magic
slay living
Known to druid only:
insect plague
pixie dust
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Level 6 Spells
Known to both cleric an druid:
animal summoning III
conjure animals
physical mirror
wondrous recall
Known to cleric only:
blade barrier
aerial servant
bolt of glory
false dawn
sol's seering orb
Known to druid only:
doloreous decay
conjure fire elemental
fire seeds
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Level 7 Spells
Known to both cleric and druid:
conjure earth elemental
regeneration (spell not even mentioned in the manual:, tsssk )
fire storm
shield of the archons
Known to cleric only:
finger of death
holy word, unholy word
greater restoration
Known to druid only:
creeping doom
nature's beauty
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That's the end. Thanks to Rinox for making this list possible. Thanks to Satis for the uncountable hours of selfless dedication and slaving required to convert this monstrosity into HTML. :)
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