Quake III Arena
29 Nov 2004 @ 08:38AM

Updated: 9 Feb 2010 @ 08:44AM
Quake III Arena is a first person shooter released by Id Software many a year ago. A spent a considerable amount of time playing with the mapping tools in order to create maps for a popular modification for Quake III known as Weapons Factory Arena (WFA). WFA now appears to be completely defunct, so I won't spend much time reminiscing.

In this section I provide a tutorial on the use of the GTKRadiant mapping utility. This utility is applicable to far more games than just Quake III Arena. Additionally, the concepts are applicable to an even wider range of games. However, it has been many years since I've mapped in GTK, so if you have questions that aren't answered within these tutorials, I would be of only limited use in answering them.
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TutorialsThese are a series of tutorials I'm making that detail, step-by-step, how to build a WFA map. If you are interested in mapping for WFA, or Quake in general, you will find a wealth of information within