Baldurs's Gate Frequenty Asked Questions - Shadows of Amn
29 Nov 2004 @ 08:50AM

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This covers questions relating directly to Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
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How do you go to places outside of Athkatla in the beginning of the game that are "grey" on the world map?
You have to pass through the city gates once. After that, you should be able to go anywhere on the world map.
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What is/are the Twisted Rune?
The Twisted Rune is a powerful evil group. To find them you must enter a door in the south-western part of the bridge district WITH a rogue stone in your inventory. If you don't have a rogue stone it will say that the space behind the door is "too dark to enter" or something like that.
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Which NPC's can I have a romance with?
If your character is male you can have romances with Aerie, Viconia or Jaheira. If your characters is female there's only Anomen to hook up with.
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How do I "initiate" a romance?
You don't. The NPC's will address you and by choosing the right dialogue options there might grow a relationship. Keep in mind though that some races can't have romances with some NPC's.
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What is a stronghold?
A stronghold is a sort of "home" that your character can obtain by doing a quest. Most strongholds need "regulating" so visit them often. Some strongholds can earn you money, some result in items and some don't do jack.

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What is my class's stronghold?
fighter, barbarian, monkD'arnise keep;
clericroom in temple of choice (i.e. of wich you decide to do the quest)
mage, sorcerer, wild mageplanar sphere
rangercabin in Umar Hills
paladinroom in the order of the radiant hearth
thiefMae'Var's guild
bardtheatre under the Five Flagons Inn
druidthe druid grove
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Can i still go back to other places on the world map after I enter the elven city Suldanesselar?
You can return to other parts of the map once you enter Suldanesslar. You have to exit out of Suldanesslar the way you entered and then backtrack to an exit in the Forest of Tethyr. To re-enter Suldanesslar, just enter the Forest and then continue to the entrance of Suldanesslar through the portal. It is time consuming, but it does work. However, once you enter the Tree of Life, there is no turning back.
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Which NPC's can't get along with each other?
Minsc and Edwinafter some time of bickering they will start fighting (physically) and you'll have to choose who you'd like to keep.
Keldorn and Viconiasame as Minsc and Edwin.
Aerie and Korganafter having them both in your party for a while Aerie will leave because she can't stand him.
Aerie and Haer'dalisif you're romancing Aerie and Haer'dalis is in your party, he will join the race for her. After a while he will challenge you to a duel. Depending on your reaction you end up losing Haer'Dalis, losing both Aerie and Haer'Dalis, or losing the romance with Aerie.
However, each of these problems can be overcome with a high charisma (18).
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Where is the Rakshasha that you need to kill for the Dao Djinnies in Trademeet?
She's in the house in the north-eastern part of the druid grove, selling potions. If you have accepted the quest from the Djinnies she will "smell" it and attack you.
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Who is Gaxx? How do i find him?
Gaxx is powerful demi-lich who lies in a house in the south of the docks district. Before you can let him appear you must gather his arms&legs and torso. The arms and legs are in the tomb of a lich in the sewers under the temple district, on the same level as the unseeing eye cult. The torso is in the tomb of a lich in a house in the south-western part of the bridge district. After gathering those two parts you can go to the tomb of gaxx and summon him.
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How do i kill Gaxx?
After you summoned Gaxx and killed his lich form (shouldn't be TOO much of a problem if you managed to kill the two liches in order to get the parts) his demi-lichform will appear. He is only vulnerable to +4 or higher weapons, and his constant casting of the spell "imprisonment" can be resisted by:
  • berserk ability
  • the spell "spell immunity" (abjuration)
  • "protection from magic" scrolls (cast on yourself OR preferrably on Gaxx himself, so he can't cast anymore).
The only mage spell that could actually do good damage against Kangaax is Melf's Minute Meteors. Most other spells won't do any damage or have any effect. (i,e. lower resist, magic missiles, etc.) If you'd like to use summons, only Fire elementals and Mordenkainen's Swords are worth calling for. That's the base, otherwise, be creative.
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What is the human flesh armor and how do i make it?
The human flesh armor is a very evil but also very powerful item, a leather armor +4, gives +4 to all saving throw and +20% magic resistance, can only be worn by evil characters. To make it you must first solve the skinner murders in the bridge district and get the human flesh from under the skinner's bed and a note concerning it out of the cupboard. Then travel to Umar Hills and talk to the new merchant and tell him his name is "Darcin Cole". He will instruct you to look for the blood of a silver dragon. You can obtain that later on if you want and then bring the flesh+the blood to him, he will make the human flesh armor for you.

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Why won't an NPC have a romance with me?
This is because your race is not one the NPC would like to have a romance with.
  • Aerie falls for halflings, elves, half-elves, humans and gnomes only.
  • Jaheira likes humans, halflings, half-elves and elves.
  • Viconia falls for half-elves and humans only.
  • Anomen could fall in love with any girl of half-elven, elven, human or halfling origin only.

Also, be aware that alignment doesn't affect romances (excepting maybe reputation, if you base your rep. on your alignment) in any way. Even if you're a Lawful Good Human Paladin you can still have a romance with Viconia as long as you don't let your reputation reach heroic.
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How do you get rid of the improved species of Greater Wolfweres?
It's either you target one at a time and pour everything you've got at each one, or you could lead them to some desolate part of the dungeons you are in and trap them. Get creative.
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Where can I find the Robe of Vecna, Shield of Balduran....? (the bonus items)
First, you'd need to download the Bonus Merchants. (You can get this at and Sorcerer's, I believe) Then, go to either the Copper Coronet or the Adventurer's Mart to meet two new Merchants who will be selling these to you.
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How can I upgrade the Horn of Valhalla and the Mace of Disruption?
Maheer, the fat man in the southwest corner of Waukeen's Promenade, will upgrade the horn if you have enough gold and the gems Diamond and Beljuril. Illithium ore can be used to upgrade the mace of disruption.

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How do i get two rings of Gaxx without (really) cheating?
Pickpocket Gaxx quickly when he appears at first in his lich-(Kangaxx-)form, before he turns hostile, i.e. when he's still neutral (blue circle). Then after you defeat Gaxx in his demi-lich form you can get a second ring from him.
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Can i have more than one stronghold with a multi- or dual-class character?
No, you can only have one stronghold. You do have the choice between all the strongholds any of your classes can obtain. So a fighter/mage/thief has the choice between the mage, fighter and thief-stronghold.
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Where are all the parts of Crom Faeyr?
  • The hammer of thunderbolts is in the mind flayer part of the sewers under the temple district
  • The gauntlets of ogre power are in the planar sphere, on one of the halfling cannibals you meet.
  • The Crom Faeyr scroll is on the shadow dragon in the temple ruins
  • The girdle of frost giant strength is on one of the demon knights you can summon in the Kua-tou part of the underdark.
When you bring all these parts to Cromwell he will forge them into Crom Faeyr.(if you don't know who Cromwell is check the FAQ "who is Cromwell")
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I can't get into the drow city anymore, so how do I get the eggs for the silver dragon to get back to the surface?
If you're really stuck like that, the only way to get back out of the underdark is to kill the silver dragon and get the scroll. That clears the way to the surface from her.
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What do I do with the dragon scales I got from killing a dragon?
Cromwell can forge them into great armor.
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How do I enter the mind flayer part of the sewers under the temple district?
The key to the door is in the Windspear Hills on Tazok, Firkraag's lieutenant.
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What am I supposed to do with Yoshimo's heart?
You can bring it to a temple of Illmater, to remove the geas on it so he can find eternal rest. This will give you an enormous amount of XP so it's a must-do.
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What do I do after Bodhi kidnapped my love interest?
Bodhi will make her/him into a vampire and she/he will fight you together with Bodhi during the final confrontation with her (Bodhi) in her lair. Kill your love interest and pick up his/her body, and make sure you get Bodhi's black heart too. Then travel to the temple ruins and put the body totr with the heart on the hands of the statue of Amanautor. Your love interest will be brought back to life.
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Where are all the parts of the Equalizer?
pommelin Irenicus' dungeon
bladeon the elder orb at the entrance of the beholder lair in the underdark
hilton the table near your prison cell in the mind flayer base in the underdark
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Where are all the parts of Gesen bow?
the bow itself is in the tanner's basement in the bridge district, and the string is in Bhodi's gauntlet in the Asylum.
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Where are the parts of the Wave?
The shaft is on the warden of the thralls in the astral prison, and the blade is on the Sahaugin Prince.
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Where is the exit in the planar sphere in order to get a demon heart?
There isn't another exit, it's the same exit as the one through which you entered the planar sphere. Remember that the planar sphere has "travelled", so the exit stays the same but the place outside has changed.
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What are the effects of the Bhaal Tears at the end of SoA?
  1. fight against sarevok
    • blessed +1 wis and char
    • tainted +2 str
  2. genie with blackrazor
    • blessed +2 to all saving throws
    • tainted +15 hp
  3. choice between partymember getting killed or losing some things yourself
    • blessed + 10 % Magic Res
    • tainted: +2 to ac
  4. trial of pride (the dragon)
    • Blessed Tear - +20% resistance to Fire, Cold, and Electricity
    • Tainted Tear - 200,000 exp

    • Blessed Tear - Immunity to +1 or lower weapons
    • Tainted Tear - +2 to CON
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What happens to my stronghold if I'm in the Underdark and unable to tend to it?
Not to worry. When you head to the Underdark, all of these wordly things are put on hold until you emerge into the real world again. You will not lose your stronghold while in the Underdark.
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