Baldurs's Gate Frequenty Asked Questions - General Questions
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This covers general questions about the entire series of games, or questions that aren't applicable to a certain installment.
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What does THAC0 stand for?
Thac0 = To Hit Armor Class 0... it's the number you have to roll, on a 20-sided die, in order to hit someone with an Armor Class of 0. This number goes down as you level up (ie, makes it easier to hit), and is also dependent on your class. A fighter has a much better (lower) THAC0 than a mage of the same level.

But what if their armor class isn't 0, you ask? Good question. You either add or subtract from the roll depending on their AC. Let's say your THAC0 is 13...if you're trying to hit someone with an AC of 0, you have to roll 13 or higher. If they have an AC of 5, you have to roll 8 or higher. If they have an AC of -5, you have to roll 18 or higher.

Remember that magical weapons and strength bonuses (or dexterity bonuses for missile weapons) can modify your THAC0, making it easier or harder to hit someone.
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What are the lowest armor class and highest base stats (like strength etc.) possible?
The lowest AC possible is -24, the max for every base stat is 25.
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Why can't i rest or quicksave?
If you can't rest or quicksave without there being any enemies nearby or a dialogue going on try moving to another area that autosaves, or simply reload. The minor bug should be gone by then.
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What is the "pants enigma"?
The pants enigma is a "secret" feature revolving around three pairs of pants:
  • the golden pantaloons; given to you by a noble in the Friendly Arm Inn in BG1(!), who mistakes you for the cleaning service. if you carry them in your inventory at the end of BG1 and import your character into SOA it will appear behind the painting in the small room with the golem and weapons close to your starting point in SOA.
  • the silver pants; go to the graveyard district, help the man who was buried alive, get the piece of red cloth, confront the groundskeeper, then travel to the bridge district and look for the guy with the flashy red clothing in the south-western part. They will run into a house, enter the house, kill 'em, go up to the first floor and check the cupboard for the ransom note. Now go collect the ransom (the pants) yourself.
  • the bronze pantalettes; in ToB in Abizagals lair you will encounter three petrified adventurers at some point. Turn them back to flesh and ask them to get the item you need (an eye), and they will return with the eye the pantalettes.

The pairs of pants can be forged into special items by a smith named Kerrick in the desert village Amkethran in ToB.
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How do i use my special abilities or the abilities of my items?
You can access your special abilities through clicking on the "star" icon on the far right on your toolbar. The abilities of your items can also be activated on your toolbar, but through clicking on the "backpack" icon.
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What is backstab and how do i use it?
Backstabbing is an ability available to thieves(except for the swashbuckler kit) and to the ranger kit Stalker. Whenever you make a successful attack on an opponent's back with a piercing weapon (i.e. daggers, short swords, katanas, etc.) whilst being invisible or hiding inshadows, your backstab ability is automatically checked. It multiplies the damage done according to the backstab-multiplier of the character. You can check it in the character screen.
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Who are Elminster/Gorion/Sarevok/Volo/Arkanis Gauth and Cromwell?
  • Elminster is a very powerful elven mage, he's a member of the harpers.
    The harpers are a group that strives for balance between good and evil. He's an ally.
  • Volo is a low-level mage that gives comments in your manual together with Elminster. He also is writing down your adventures.
  • Sarevok is your half-brother, in BG1 he was the one you fought(and killed), and in ToB you can restore him if you want and have him join your party. He was a Bhaalspawn like you and Imoen.
  • Gorion is(was) your godfather, he raised you and Imoen. He was killed by Sarevok in the beginning of BG1.
  • Arkanis Gauth is a shadow thief of great repute throughout the Forgotten Realms. (Much like who Elminster is to the Harpers) He's also the one who pops out and starts killing your party members if you attack a Shadow Thief. If you decide to cross him be warned that he is immortal, and carries a Sword that could kill almost anyone with one blow regardless of HP or resistances. He is, however, not undefeatable.
  • Cromwell is a dwarven smith, he resides in the south-eastern part of the docks district. He assembles most artifacts for you provided you bring him the parts, of course. He can also forge scales of animals and dragons into armor.
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Where do i store my stuff?
A: Preferrably in your stronghold, and alternatively in containers that are not "refilled" during the game. In ToB you have plenty of space in your pocket plane.
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How many dragons are there in SOA and how many in ToB?
In Soa there are 5, and in ToB there are 5 too. Keep in mind that you don't have to kill all of them, for example if you're good it's preferable you you don't kill the silver dragon and the dragon in hell.
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My character has polymorphed and the option to polymorph back to a human form doesn't appear!
Try to find an item that allows you to polymorph, like the cloak of the sewers. This will normally allow you to change back to human form.
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What happens when you exceed the limit in AC and stats?
There is no more beyond the limit - so you only get the bonuses you would get if you reached the limit. (i,e. 26 Strength is counted only as 25 strength)

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My magical items have been drained or have just disappeared!!
You probably have run into a Nishruu or a Hakeshar, stay clear of them as MUCH AS POSSIBLE, in fact the best way to fight them would be to send a fighter in unarmed and without items, and just beat them to death.
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Why can't i use a certain weapon/armor?
A: Always check the prerequisites on an item. Your ability to use it may depend on: class/alignment/stats/race.
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Why has my paladin/ranger lost his status as one and become a fighter?
When a paladin or a ranger lets his reputation go below a certain level, he will lose his status and become a fallen paladin or ranger. A paladin becomes "fallen" if his reputation drops below 6, while a Ranger will become "fallen" if his reputation drops below 4. The same holds true for the various kits available.
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What does it mean to have a strength of 18/00, 18/55, etc.?
Basically it's a twilight zone between 18 strength and 19 strength. 18/01 is the lowest and 18/00 is the highest of this kind. They denote damage adjustements and carry weight etc., basically everything that is governed by strength in general. So someone with 18/22 will be able to carry less than someone with 18/00 strength.
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My character has been level drained. How can I fix this problem?
You can have your cleric cast restoration or greater restoration, either memorized or from a scroll, or go to a temple and let them cast the spell for you.
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One of my party members died and I can't find his stuff.
Use the TAB key, it shows any item lying on the floor. If you can't find it, perhaps your NPC was subject to a disintegrate spell, or was touched by a Nishruu/Haekshrah, in which case you should load an older save. Note that the Tab trick only works if ToB is installed.

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How do I kill the illithid/mindflayers?
There are several ways:
  1. Use the 5th level cleric spell called "Choatic Commands". It protects you from the mind magic they use.
  2. equip a member of your party with the 2-handed sword called Psion's blade +5. (this sword is in TOB)
  3. The more common, but dangerous way is to send lots of conjured monster interference (preferably with magic resistance like skeletons,pit fiends) into the area first and then rush them or bombard them with range weapons.

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Where can I find the Boots of Speed?
There are 1 in BG1, 3 in SOA and 1 pair in TOB. The locations are: Above ground at the Cloackwood mines, Astral Prison (Haer Dalis' Quest); Asylum (Dungeon Level Two) - Reward for putting fifteen tokens into the machine; Shadow Thieves' Guild (Loot from Renal Bloodscalp) and in TOB: the very beginning Forest (loot from Illasera ).
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How can I defeat the Golems? My weapons won't hit them.
You have to use blunt weapons (such as hammers or maces.) Also Golems have easy to hit armor class, the best way to kill these babies is the cleric spell slay living. First cast magical resistance with your cleric, then cast lower resist with your mage (1 or 2 times), followed by casting greater malison. Have your cleric cast slay living. You may have to hit it a second time if it doesn't die on the first attempt.

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Does reputation help or hurt me in any way?
Reputation only effects the way the NPCs will react to you. If you have a repuatation above 18 your evil NPCs will leave you. If your repuatation is below 2, then the good NPCs will leave. Anywhere in between will only anger your party members but they will not split. It also effects how much items cost you in the store. The higher your reputation, the higher the discount on items.

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Where can I find a Rogue Stone?
You only need one, so I would recommend selling all the ones you find except one. Here are a few locations:
  • Mae'Var's Guildhall (from the storekeep in the front entrance).
  • Mae'Var's Guildhall (behind a door in the room full of doors)
  • Temple Ruins (on Merella's corpse)
  • Asylum (on the table where you first find Imoen)
  • Asylum (same room as the location of the Horn of Silence)
  • Tradesmeet (reward for completing the Dao Djinn quest.)
  • Level 3 of Watcher's Keep
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What is The Darkest Day/TDD?
The Darkest Day is an unofficial expansion for Baldur's Gate II SoA and ToB. You can find it at
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