Baldurs's Gate Frequenty Asked Questions - Throne of Bhaal
29 Nov 2004 @ 08:25AM
by satis

Updated: 5 Feb 2010 @ 08:27AM
This covers questions relating directly of the Throne of Bhaal expansion to Shadows of Amn.
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Why has my alignment changed to neutral evil in ToB?
Depending on your actions in SOA, and especially on the choices you make in the final part in hell, it is possible for your alignment to have changed.
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If in ToB I dual a kit with limitations in wearing something into a thief and learn the use anything ability later, will this ability override my previous kit's limitations?
Yes, it will. Kensais will be able to wear armor, and wizard slayers will be able to wear magic items, to name a few.
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What is the color combination I need to light the flames in on the fourth level of Watcher's Keep?
The combination is shown in the color patterns on the floor in the big room with the machine of Lum the mad.
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I can't hit the magic golems in ToB!
You need non-magical weapons to hit them. Any normal weapon will do (i.e. no +1, +2, +3, etc.), or just use your fists to beat them to death.
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Will the romance that I had in SOA continue in ToB?
Yes, the romance will carry on, provided you finished it in SOA of course. So if you want the romance to continue you'd better not go through SOA too fast.
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Where do I upgrade my weapons in ToB now that I can't reach Cromwell anymore?
Your butler/cleaner/smith Cespenar the imp in your pocket plane will forge weapons for you in ToB.
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How many new NPC's are there in ToB?
Only 1, but an awesome one: Sarevok.
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Is there a second "eye of Tethyr"?
No, only one, so you'll have to choose between the purifier and carsomyr to upgrade.
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How do i get the purifier?
On the third level of Watcher's Keep (the maze), there's a room with a big stone in the centre. Examine the stone with someone of lawful good alignment and only then you will get it. Other alignments are excluded.
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How do i open the door in the cave with lich Vongoethe?
It's a secret passage to Balthazar's monastery. You'll get the opportunity to open it when you need to. However, there's also another way of entering the monastery, with the help of Saemon Haeverian.
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What's my pocket plane and how do I access it?
Your pocket plane is your stronghold in ToB. It's a sort of micro-hell, where you can rest, store items, forge items, and where you must do challenges in order to fulfill your destiny. You get it right after your first fight in ToB (against Illisera) and it can be accessed afterwards through the "special ability" star button on the right of your toolbar.
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Which combinations can I use on the machine of Lum the Mad?
You can enter these combinations:
Triangle Green MediumStorm Star +3
Blue Green LongGain Magic Resistance
Circle Blue Long+1 INT
Square Blue Short+1 DEX
Red Green Short+1 CHA
Circle Square Triangle+1 WIS
Circle Red Long+1 CON
Square Short Medium+1 STR
Triangle Red MediumExit to next level
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What happens if i use a different combination than those listed above?
One of these effects will occur:
  • 10% chance to gain a Potion of Superior Healing.
  • 10% chance to get 100,000 experience (only for whoever used it)
  • 10% chance to become Imprisoned (bad if it's your main character)
  • 10% chance for 50 fire damage
  • 10% chance turned to stone (bad if it's your main character)
  • 10% chance to lose 1 INT
  • 10% chance for 75 lightning damage
  • 10% chance to be poisoned
  • 10% chance to lose 15 levels
  • 10% chance to lose 1 DEX
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