Programs And Scripts
Program and scripts developed by me are available for download here.

This area contains all the PHP scripts that I've made available. PHP stands for 'Pre Hypertext Processor' and is a web programming language that sees a lot of use on the internet. The server side code for this website is written using PHP.

All scripts are written using PHP 5.x. As such, they probably won't work in older versions of PHP. I try to write all my scripts using object oriented programming which isn't very well implemented prior to version 5.

This will house any JavaScripts that I've created and released to the general public. JavaScript is a (mostly) client-side scripting language that can be used to manipulate a web page while it's sitting in a browser window, as well as to enable AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And Xml). I typically write stand-alone javascript functions, though I'll write classes as well if it's appropriate.

All of my JavaScript is built and tested under Firefox. Most of it will be cross-browser compatible with IE7+ and Chrome, though I can't guarantee other browser support. This is an unfortunate downfall of client-side scripting: making a script work with every browser out there is virtually impossible. Your best bet is to make it mostly functional in the major ones.