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This page contains some of the projects I've completed for my Cisco classes as well as some personal study guides. I took a bunch of Cisco classes in pursuit of an associate's degree and certification (both of which I acquired). Rather than simply shuffle the work I did under the carpet, I thought it would be interesting to share it out to the internet in general. Please note that I do NOT condone plagiarism. If you're taking Cisco courses, do NOT just copy my work. I'm providing this information to assist people in their own research. I retain all applicable copyrights.

The Projects
Cisco 1This is a paper I did for Cisco 1 comparing three Cisco routers. The topic isn't exactly inspired, nor is the result. I do have a list of sources, though, which may assist someone with a similar course requirement.
Cisco 3Here is my Threaded Case Study for Cisco 3. The point of the TCS is to fully network a school. You're provided with some requirements and a "blueprint" and then let loose. The TCS doesn't require you to use Cisco equipment, but seeing as I'm more familiar with that then anything else, everything is Cisco branded. Additionally, I built the entire presentation out of Flash, which resulted in 40+ hours of work.
Cisco 4Here is a project I did for Cisco 4, in which we networked together two different rooms. The idea was to involve as many switches and routers as possible, while retaining network fault tolerance and reachability. The hardest thing here was figuring out how to use the router ports available to maintain a semblance of reliability.

The Study Guides
Single-Area OSPFThis is my study guide for Single-Area OSPF, a topic from Cisco 5 (CCNP1).
Multi-Area OSPFThis is my study guide for Multi-Area OSPF, a topic from Cisco 5 (CCNP1).
Routing RedundancyThis is my study guide for Routing Redundancy, a topic from Cisco 7 (CCNP3)
Cisco AVVIDThis is my study guide for Cisco AVVID, a topic from Cisco 7 (CCNP3)
CISCO CCSPThis is list of all the CCSP class questions from the first 10 CCSP chapters (version 2.0 for Cisco Academy). I don't know how relevant this is for the CCSP cert but I'm sure it can't hurt. As you answer the questions, it'll tell you if your answer was right or wrong.
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