Guild Wars Hall of Shame
30 Jul 2006 @ 08:09AM

Updated: 2 Feb 2010 @ 08:10AM
Welcome to the Guild Wars Hall of Shame. Here will be immortalized the players who make complete retard mistakes.
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Name:Master Menace
Mission:Ice Caves of Sorrow
Description:After completing the entire mission with the exception of bringing Evennia to the end to trigger the cutscene, Master Menace, who had Evennia, decided to go afk and stay that way. Click on the screenshot above to see "Master" idling and Evennia standing behind him. This was after making various comments about people's 'noobness'.

Congratulations Master Menace, the first inductee to the Guild Wars Hall of Shame.
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Name:Eli Moishe
Mission:Hell's Precipice
Description:Eli Moishe was one of the two monks we had along for the Hell's Precipice mission, the last mission in the Prophecies campaign. After fighting along with us up until the very last battle, he went afk. As a result, our second monk was overworked, killed, rezzed, killed again, and finally left for dead when everyone ran out of rez signets. For 20 minutes the battle continued as Eli idled afk, until only the elementalist was left standing. And Eli.

We finally inducted him into the Hall of Shame as he stood there looking stupid. Congratulations to our second inductee!
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