23 Apr 2010 @ 08:44AM
by Satis

Updated: 11 May 2010 @ 09:09AM
I developed this utility to provide a one-page method of dumping a MySQL database into a series of sql files (one per table) for download. This can be handy in cases of large databases that can't be backed up by more traditional means.

To use, unzip the archive. This will give you a single php file. Upload this php file anywhere to your web space, then browse to it. You then need to supply MySQL server name, username, password and database. The rest should be fairly self-evident. You may rename the file to anything you want, as long as php will still parse it. It's recommended that you remove the file after using it, or secure it using .htpasswd or something similar. If you wish to use this code in your own programs, please provide attribution.

MySQL database with access to mysqldump
PHP version 5+

PhpMySqlDump v0.3

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Revision History
23 April 2010 - v0.3
Added scrolling to progress messages
Clear progress messages every time dump is clicked
On file dump failure, unlink any existing file
Added gzip support and detection
21 April 2010 - v0.2
Added simultaneous dumping of 3 tables
Changed name of script
Altered writing to update table to be synchronous so simultaneous writes don't lock the browser up
On successful dump, the table name in the "tables to dump" table now becomes the download link
If a second dump request is made after a table was successfully dumped, the table parser strips off the previous link
Any existing file is now unlinked before being redumped
Progress Messages dialog improved
20 April 2010 - v0.1a
Initial script creation. All basic functionality added.