What the hell is a sparkly?
9 Feb 2010 @ 03:36PM

Updated: 9 Feb 2010 @ 03:36PM
Sparklies? WTF is a sparkly? Ya wanna know? It's when you leave a small slice of caulk showing around the corner of something. It can happen relatively easily, actually. The main cause (in my case, at least) is when I clip multiple slopes, but fail to clip them at EXACTLY the same angle. Thus, a sparkly is born. I took the map and made a sparkly to show you (this isn't in the REAL map, just a sparkly version). If you notice below, there's this orange kinda line there. That's from the sparklies. I shot my weapon, and because it's caulk, the flash from the gun just stays there, instead of going away. In brightly lit areas, sparklies are VERY noticeable. Anyway, here's the screenshots.

Sparklies are bad, m'kay?
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