Aeon Flux
Written by Satis, 29 December 2005
Aeon Flux is not a new phenomenon. I remember watching her pwn (and get pwned) on Mtv during her Liquid Television shorts. And I fell in love with her then. A sexy, freaky woman; wearing an outfit that would make a stripper blush she would kill literally hundreds of people in blood baths of epic proportions.

Since those original shorts, there was a more standard animated series, and now there is a movie. How was the movie, and did it live up to the source material? If you've seen the original, you know just how much there is to live up to. Well, read on to find out.

Aeon lives in the city of Bregna, the last human city after a disease wiped out the vast majority of the human race 400 years ago. Bregna is controlled by Trevor Goodchild, the direct descendent of the scientist that came up with the original cure to the disease. However, people disappear in Bregna and nefarious things happen in the shadows. Aeon is part of a resistance, the Monicans, that have formed to combat Trevor and his government.

But how did Aeon Flux convert from cartoon shorts to a full length, live action movie? To be honest, I was expecting the worst. The movie opened with Aeon's signature 'fly in the eye' scene and segues into a typical Aeon Flux message exchange (with expected tongue action). This put me in a slightly better frame of mind. However, I must admit, Aeon's (Charlize Theron) outfit in the movie leaves alot to be desired.

You can't compare the original cartoon, who is mostly skin with a bit of shiny leather holding things together, to Charlize's version, which shows virtually no skin at all. I'm afraid this disappointed me greatly. That was about the only thing that disappointed me, though.