Studio Movie Grill
Written by Satis, 22 October 2005
Watching movies and going out to eat are popular passtimes the world over. Historically these two events are separated. However, Studio Movie Grill endeavours to change that by allowing their patrons to dine on restaurant cuisine while watching recently released movies on the big screen. To quote the Studio Movie Grill website ([url][/url]):

"The Studio Movie Grill experienceómaking it easy for you to enjoy film, food, and fun... and answer those big life questions."

So, how did Studio Movie Grill measure up? Read on to find out.

The first part of any experience is the ticket, of course. Having checked their website, I noticed they allow you to purchase a ticket online. So, being of the internet-enabled generation, I of course took this option. I got several numbers and was told I could either show it to the cashier or use some sort of atm-like device to receive my ticket. I wrote the number down and headed on over.

The cashier had a line...and what's the point of buying your ticket online if you still have to stand in the same line? I found the atm-like device, punched in my number, and got a printout of a ticket. Wonderful. Now what? There were no instructions. There was the cashier with her long line I'd paid online to avoid, and no directions. So we found our theatre (the number was on the ticket) and we sat ourselves.

The seating is an interesting combination of restaurants and theatres. There is a counter with lights rigged so you can see your food without blinding you. The chairs are comfortable and swiveling, though they seemed a bit threadbare. In fact, the entire establishment just seemed a little rundown and lacking in polish. Still, it's dark, so you don't really notice too much. And besides, I was there less for the decor and more for the movie and food.

At this point began the first in a long chain of customer service annoyances. We were summarily ignored for about 20 minutes while everyone else's orders were taken. Eventually someone came to take our orders (we ordered two cheeseburgers). Apparentely we should have been given some sort of light-up coaster... I suppose we should have stood in the line anyway. So what's the point of buying the ticket online? Beats me. We were provided with the coaster and then the movie began.